Applied Soil Ecology Laboratory:

• Tunable diode laser for flux-gradient estimation of N2O and CO2 flux from soil (Campbell TGA100A)

• 2 automated triple-detector gas chromatographs for greenhouse gas analysis (Varian 3800)

• Quantum cascade-ICOS Fast Response Methane Analyzer (Los Gatos RMT200)

• Open path CO2 Analyzer (Li7500, Licor)

• Open Path CH4 Analyzer (Li7700, Licor)

• Field-portable gas chromatograph (Varian CP4900 Micro-GC)

• Manual gas chromatographs (Varian 3400-ECD; Gow-Mac 300-TCD)

• Campbell Scientific weather stations

• Dual-channel ion chromatograph and autosampler for cation, anion and VFA analyses (ICS-1000)

• Bright-field compound, dissecting and inverted microscopes with digital imaging systems

• Infrastructure for conducting soil microbiology research (autoclave, laminar flow hoods, incubators, laboratory blender etc.)

• Molecular biology laboratory (conventional and real time PCR instruments, Gel Box imaging system, nano Drop spec, PCR clean bench, bead beaters etc.)

•  UV-visible spectrophotometer with long path optical sensing tube

• Upright and shaker incubators

• Bench-top centrifuges and micro-centrifuge

• USDA soil nematode cyst extractor

• Baermann-funnel and Berlese Tullgren equipment

• Soil redox and oxygen-diffusion probes and meters

• 3-D sonic anemometers (Campbell CSAT3)

• DJI Phantom Quadcopter

• Data loggers, multiplexers, moisture and temperature probes

Departmental and Faculty Facilities:

• Autoanalyzers for soil nutrients (AAII systems NH4+, NO3-, acid-P, DOC, SO4-,urea)

• Soil and plant grinding and drying rooms

• Walk-in refrigerators, freezers and incubators

• Reach-in growth cabinets

• Floor centrifuges

• Root washer

•Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrophotometer (Varian ICP)

• Total carbon and nitrogen analyzers (LECO)

• Ball grinders

• Muffler furnace

• Ultra pure water system

• Agronomic field operation equipment

• Total station GPS

• 4×4 pickups and trailers for hauling