Research Group


Present Personnel:


Oscar Molina (04/11-) – Potential of Hog Manure Compost to Enhance Potato Yields and Determining Factors
Abolfazl Hassijani (08/2012-) – Occurrence and Biology of the Stem Nematode, Ditylenchus weischeri, on Cirsium arvense and major crops of the Canadian Prairies.


Mike Runzika (09/14-) – How does band applied granular urea reduce N2O emissions from soil?
Megan Westphal (05/14-) – Does organic crop production emit less N2O than conventional production?
William Shaw (07/13-) – Nitrogen fertilizer application practices to improve N use efficiency of irrigated Russet Burbank potato.
Jolene Rutter (04/11-) – Compost Potential of Liquid Hog Manure Solid Separates and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Brad Sparling (05/2004-) – Greenhouse gas and field research technician
Mervin Bilous (05/2007-) – Chemical analyst
Matt Gervais (co-supervised; 11/2012-) – Micro-meteorology technician
Jehn Francisco (05/2013-) – Molecular Biologist
Prasanna Adikari (09/2011-) – Laboratory and field assistant

Post-doctoral Fellows

Kevin Baron (12/2013-) – Enhanced efficiency fertilizers to lower nitrous oxide emissions from soil.
Xiaopeng Gao (02/2012-) – Reduction of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soil.
Mehrdad Madani (01/2012-) – Development of PCR and Real-time PCR Methods to Detect and Quantify the Soybean Cyst Nematode in Soil and Plants.

Past Members:


Amro Mahran (2009) – Suppression of the Root-lesion Nematode Using Liquid Hog Manure.
Aaron Glenn (2010) – Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Red River Valley, Manitoba, Cropping System (co-supervised).
Luca Coppi (2013) – Dynamics and Transport of Plant Available Soil Nitrogen and Phosphorus with Long-term Hog Slurry Application to Pasture and Hayed Grassland.
Ainsley Hamm (09/2007-04/14) – Bacterial Diversity Response to Manure and Soil Management.


Jacqueline A. Churchill (2007) – Spatial Variation of Soil Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Subarctic Environments of Churchill, Manitoba.
Adedeji S. Dunmola (2007) – Greenhouse Gas Emission From a Prairie Pothole Landscape in Western Canada.
Catherine M. Welsh (2007) – Organic Crop Management can Decrease Labile Soil P and Promote Mycorrhizal Association of Crops.
Fardausi M. Akhtar (2008) – Crop Management Impacts on Mycorrhizal Colonization and Cadmium Accumulation in Durum Wheat and Flax
Oscar I. Molina (2009) – Effect of Green Manures and Organic Amendments on Verticillium Wilt of potato in Manitoba.
Nandakumar Rajendran (2009) – Dynamics of Profiles of Soil Greenhouse Gases in a Topographically Variable Landscape in Western Canada.
Denis G. Tremorin (2009) – Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Grassland Pasture Fertilized with Liquid Hog Manure.
Rhea Lumactud (2010) – Spatial Distribution of Soil Nematodes in the Sub-arctic Environment of Churchill, Manitoba.
Krista Hanis (2010) – Contribution of Methane Flux to Net Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of a Eutrophic Fen at Churchill, Manitoba.
Siobhan Stewart (2011) – Benefit of Perennials to Reduction of Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Soil.
Gwen Donohoe (2011) – Impact of Diet Supplementation of Overwintering Cattle on Soil Nutrient Balance and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

B.Sc. Project Students

Jody Blazenko (2005)
Corinne Baker (2006)
Andrea Bacler (2007)
Siobhan Stewart (2007)
Dale Boswick (2008)
Lindsey Andronak (2010)
Jolene Rutter (2011)
Mandy Stefanson (2011)
Jolene Rutter (05/2009-) – Is Soil in a Red River Valley Cropping System a Source of Methane Gas?
Amanda Stefanson (11/2009-) – Quality of Solid Hog Manure Compost.
Lindsey Andronak (05/2009-) – N2O:N2 Emission Ratio from Perennial and Annual Crops in a Red River Valley Cropping System.

Post-doctorate Fellows

Dr. Cunyu Zhou (2007) – Nematode community response to boreal soil warming.
Dr. Abdel El Hadrami (co-supervised; 2007-2009) – Green manures to reduce potato early dying.
Dr. Haben Asgedom (05/2009-08/12) – Effects of manure and formulated N fertilizers on greenhouse gas emissions in the Red River Valley.
Shabeg Briar (01/2009-09/11) – Plant nematology studies.

Foreign Internship Students from Perpignon Univeristy, France

Amandine Espoullier (2005)
Emilie Novara (2005)
Vincent Pujo (2006)
Joseph Benita (2007)
Lynda Bouakaz (2007)
Marina Blanc (2008)
Jorris Rossat (2008)
Florinne Rayond (2009)
Joseph Benita (2011)
Camille Gaubert (2012)
William Beltran (2013)
Pauline Esteban (2013)