Post Doctoral Fellows & Research Associates

Dr. Xiaopeng Gao (2012-) Coordinator of 4R Research Publications

PhD Students

Mingyuan Yin (2018-) (Visiting PhD student from the Chinese Academy of Sciences) Molecular Biology of Nitrous Oxide Producing and Consuming Genes in Soil

Wennong Kuang (2017-) (Visiting PhD student from the Chinese Academy of Sciences) 4R Management to Control Nitrous Oxide Emissions

Mick Runzika (2017-) Stable Nitrogen Isotope Studies of N2O Processes from Fertilizers and Plant Residues

Nazanin Ghavani (2016-) Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) in Manitoba

MSc Students

Elham Zeinali (2018-) Molecular Dynamics of N2O Emissions from Agricultural Soils

Priscillar Wenyika (2016-) Host Susceptibility of Prairie Root Lesion Nematodes

Undergraduate Thesis Students

Andrew Hector (2018-) Soil Health of Polyculture Systems

Katie Webb (2018-) Gas Emissions from Stockpile Manures


Lanny Gardiner (2017-) Research Agronomist

Megan Westphal (2017-) National Centre for Livestock and the Environment (NCLE) and Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Program (AGGP) II Long-term Study Technician

Marliese Peterson (2015-) Soil Ecology Lab Research Program Technician and Field Coordinator

Krista Hanis-Gervais (2014-) Spectral Reflectance and Micrometeorology Technician

Terri Fairman (2014-) Molecular Biology Technician

Matt Gervais (2011-) Trace Gas Manitoba (TGAS-MAN), Spectral Reflectance, and Micrometeorology Technician

Mervin Bilous (2006-) Soil and Plant Chemistry Technician

Brad Sparling (2005-) Greenhouse Gas and GIS Technician and Soil Ecology Lab Field Coordinator


Post Doctoral Fellows & Research Associates

Dr. Kevin Baron (2013-2017) Field Studies of 4R® Nitrogen Management of Wheat and Canola

Dr. Mehrdad Madani (2012-2016) Molecular Diagnostic Development of Plant Parasitic Nematodes

Dr. Haben Asgedom (2009-2012) 4R® Nitrogen Management Studies for Reduction in Emissions of Nitrous Oxide from Soil

Dr. Shabeg Briar (2009-2011) Survey of Plant Parasitic Nematodes of Yellow Pea in Prairie Canada

Dr. Abdel El Hadrami (2007-2009) Green Manures to Reduce Potato Early Dying

PhD Students

Abolfazl Hajihassani (2012-2016) Studies of Plant Host Preferences of the Stem Nematodes Ditylenchus weischeri and D. dipsaci (DOWNLOAD)

Oscar Molina (2011-2016) Identification of Verticillium Species and Control Methods for Verticillium Wilt of Potato in Manitoba (DOWNLOAD)

Ainsley Hamm (2009-2014) Bacterial Community Ecology and Fate in Integrated Livestock Production Systems (DOWNLOAD)

Luca Coppi (2006-2013) Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Soil and Groundwater Following Repeated Nitrogen-based Swine Slurry Applications to a Tame Grassland on Coarse Textured Soil (DOWNLOAD)

Aaron Glenn (2006-2010) Greenhouse Gas Fluxes and Budget for an Annual Cropping System in the Red River Valley, Manitoba, Canada (DOWNLOAD)

Amro Mahran (2005-2009) Suppression of the Root-lesion Nematode Using Liquid Hog Manure (DOWNLOAD)

MSc Students

Abhishek Agarwal (2016-2018) Study on Verticillium longisporum of Canola from the First Reported Farm in North America (DOWNLOAD)

Matthew Wood (2016-2018) Right Source and Right Time: Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers (DOWNLOAD)

Fernanda Govea Pereira (2015-2018) Survey of Plant Parasitic Nematodes of Pulse Crop Fields in the Canadian Prairies (DOWNLOAD)

Mick Runzika (2014-2017) Nitrification Rate Effect on Cumulative Nitrous Oxide Emission from Soil (DOWNLOAD)

Megan Westphal (2014-2016) Nitrous Oxide Soil Emissions from an Organic and Conventionally Managed Cropping System in Manitoba (DOWNLOAD)

William Shaw (2014-2016) Placement, Timing, and Source of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Yield of Irrigated Russet Burbank Potato in Manitoba (DOWNLOAD)

Jolene Rutter (2012-2016) Winter Composting of Separated Pig Slurry Solids and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (DOWNLOAD)

Siobhan Stewart-Maas (2009-2011) Perennial Legume Phase and Annual Crop Rotation Influences on CO2 and N2O Fluxes Over Two Years in the Red River Valley, Manitoba, Canada (DOWNLOAD)

Gwen Donohoe (2009-2011) Nutrient Excretion and Soil Greenhouse Emission from Excreta of Overwintering Beef Cows Fed Forage-based Diets Supplemented with Dries Distillers’ Grains with Solubles

Krista Hanis-Gervais (2008-2010) Eddy Covariance Measurements of Methane Flux in a Subarctic Fen with Emphasis on Spring-melt Period (DOWNLOAD)

Rhea Lumactud (2008-2010) Spatial Distribution of Soil Nematodes in the Sub-Arctic Environment of Churchill, Manitoba (DOWNLOAD)

Oscar Molina (2007-2009) Effect of Green Manures and Organic Amendments on Verticillium Wilt of Potato in Manitoba (DOWNLOAD)

Nandakumar Rajendran (2007-2009) Dynamics of Profiles of Soil Greenhouse Gases in a Topographically Variable Landscape in Western Canada (DOWNLOAD)

Fardausi Akhtar (2006-2008) Crop Management Impacts On Mycorrhizal Colonization and Cadmium Availability in Agricultural Crops (DOWNLOAD)

Adedeji Dunmola (2005-2007) Greenhouse Gas Emission from a Prairie Pothole Landscape in Western Canada (DOWNLOAD)

Jacqueline Churchill (2005-2007) Spatial Variation of Soil Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Subarctic Environments of Churchill, Manitoba (DOWNLOAD)

Catherine Welsh (2005-2007) Organic Crop Management Can Decrease Labile Soil P and Promote Mycorrhizal Association of Crops (DOWNLOAD)

Denis Trémorin (2004-2008) Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Grassland Pasture Fertilized with Liquid Hog Manure (DOWNLOAD)

Undergraduate Thesis Students

Samuel Steinman (2016-2018) Trends in Agronomic Nutrient Use Efficiency of Major Field Crops in Manitoba

Torrie Eggie (2015-2017) The Reliability of the Rapitest®: Soil Test Kit for Nitrogen and Phosphorus for Garden Soils

Jennifer Francisco (2013-2015)

Stephanie Dheilly (2013-2015) Soil Nutrient Levels in Vegetable Gardens

Amanda Stefanson (2009-2011) Potential for Winter Composting of Separated Pig Manure Solids in Manitoba

Jolene Rutter (2009-2011) Methane Emissions in Relation of Landscape Position in a Field in the Red River Valley

Lindsey Andronak (2009-2010) Nitrous Oxide and Denitrification Fluxes for a Cropped Field in the Red River Valley, Manitoba

Andrea Bacler (2006-2007) Toxicity of Cadmium and Zinc to the Nematode, C. elegans

Dale Boswick (2006-2008) Impact of Water Logging on N2O Emissions

Siobhan Stewart-Maas (2005-2007) Nutrient Accumulation in Bare Earth Patches of a Grazed Pasture

Corinne Barker (2006) Sentinel Nematodes of Soil Health

Jody Blazenko (2005) Nutrient Water Quality of a Cow-Calf Operations in Manitoba