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      Victoria Deakin


        I am a little confused about how the final exam will occur.

        Today I understood that it will be emailed to us on December 20th and we will have three hours to complete it before emailing it back, is that correct?

        Will it then be an open book or closed book format?

        Thank you and best wishes,

        Victoria Deakin

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        Chelsey Gitzel

          Yes, that’s my understanding of how it will work, although I am wondering about the time it will be emailed. Will it be sent out at the time the registers office scheduled it at 1:30 or will it be sent out when the class would normally start (11:30)?

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          Mario Tenuta

            Hi All. I keep to the same instructions about the exam as given in lectures. It will be emailed and posted online to the course homepage at the start of the exam period (1:30pm). It is open book and needs to be emailed back by 4:30pm. Exceptions being students registered with student support services that have time considerations to beyond 4:30pm. take care, Mario

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