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      Mario Tenuta

        Hello. Restating exam info here

        SOIL 3600 Final Exam set for 1:30-4:30pm Sunday Dec 20, 2020
        If you are registered with Student Accessibility Services they have contacted me already and have told me how much extra time to provide you to complete the exam.

        Exam is designed to be completed well within 3 hours, actual time to complete will of course vary with student, but for most, well within 3 hours.

        Exam is open book but if you rely on seeking information you won’t have time to complete the exam.

        You can write or type the exam. I will be providing a Word document that you can print and write into or type into. If you print, take pictures of the pages and email back to me. Email typed exams back to me.

        You will receive an email at 1:25pm tomorrow with the exam and I will also post the exam on the course website by 1:30pm.

        The exam is to be completed independently. I will be taking extra to mark the exams because I will be comparing responses between students for the purpose of finding copying between students.

        Answers are to be full sentence with explanation, integration and details provided. Too many students didn’t explain answers in the mid-term.

        The final will emphasize the material since the mid-term but as the lectures and laboratories are designed to complete each other as the course progresses, there is expectation of integrating knowledge throughout the course.

        good luck,

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