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    Sachiyo Sakai


    I’m a little confused by the wording in two of the questions on the test

    8. Describe the difference between the Chernozem subgroups, Brown Chernozem, Dark Brown Chernozem, Black Chernozem, and Dark Grey Chernozem. (10 marks)

    11. Describe the soil zones of the Canadian Prairies. What subgroups are they? What factors have resulted in the development of the zones and why? (10 marks)

    In question 8, it reads like you are asking for the differences between Brown Chernozem, Dark Brown Chernozem, etc. The reason I’m confused is that the course material defines these as great groups and also that in question 11, you are asking about the subgroups in the Canadian Prairies.

    If question 8 is asking about great groups, is that also what is being asked about in question 11?


    Sachiyo Sakai

    I haven’t gotten clarification and the deadline is very soon, so I will submit based on what I thought was intended in the questions

    Mario Tenuta

    Hello, yes I made a mistake, it should be Great Groups. Page 23 of Soil Classification System of Canada linked on our website gives the Great Groups for all soil orders in Canada.

    Sachiyo Sakai

    Okay. That makes sense now. Will there be any marking adjustments for the people who were confused by the wording?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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