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Log into the Applied Soil Ecology Lab Team to print tub labels or see the master sample log.

Before submitting your Work Order or creating tub labels:

Copy & paste the following list into the comment section and fill in the relevant information – this will leave a record of your Work Order for the next person to see. Note that the most recent comment will indicate which Work Order number was used last, and therefore which number you should use for your Work Order.

  • Work Order Number:
  • Project:
  • Site Location:
  • Sampling Date:
  • Matrix:
  • Number of Samples:
  • Number of Tubs:

• 4R Canola – St. Claude South or North;
• 4R Corn – St. Claude North;
• Cover Crop – Carman or Glenlea;
• NCLE Manure – Glenlea;
• NCLE Plots – Glenlea;
• TGAS-MAN – Glenlea;
• TGAS-HM – Harvest Moon

Check all that apply
Check all that apply

Building, Room, and location within room if possible (TBD if necessary). See below for shed freezer and cooler layouts.

First initial Last Name; Separate multiple people with commas (e.g. M Tenuta, X Gao)
First initial Last Name (e.g. M Peterson)
First initial Last Name; Separate multiple people with commas (e.g. M Tenuta, X Gao)

Check all that apply and/or enter unlisted e-mail addresses in the following section.
Do not list Mario; Separate multiple e-mails with commas

First initial Last Name (e.g. M Peterson)

Most work orders of fresh soil will require the following number of tubs (note that tubs can accommodate 6-10 additional samples, depending on sample volume):

Walk-in Freezer & Cooler Layout

  • Each rack has four shelves, numbered 1 to 4 starting at the bottom
  • If the samples are on a rack, please include the rack and shelf number
    • E.g. Walk-in freezer, Rack 23, Shelf 3 and 4
  • If the samples are on the floor, use only permanent fixtures to indicate their location
    • E.g. Walk-in freezer, on floor between door and R21 ✔️
    • E.g. Walk-in freezer by red cooler ❌

Previous Work Orders

4 thoughts on “Submit A Work Order”

  1. Work Order Number: 871
    Project: AAFC Lethbridge Nematode Survey
    Site Location: Bow Island, AB
    Sampling Date: April 8, 2021
    Matrix: Fresh Soil

  2. Work Order Number: 868
    Project: 4R Canola
    Site Location: St. Claude
    Sampling Date: Fall 2020
    Matrix: Ground and Fresh Soil

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