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        eNtrench is applied on a per area basis. Why? An excerpt from “New in Nitrogen Stabilizers” (by Ralph Pearce in CountryGuide) provides a simple explanation:

        “eNtrench NXTGEN works at slowing down the nitrogen cycle,” says Lorne Thoen, product manager with Corteva Agriscience. “We slow down the way soil bacteria take ammonium nitrogen in the soil and transform it to nitrites and then to nitrates. By slowing this process down, the nitrogen stays in the ammonium form longer. This is important because in this form, the nitrogen is far less likely to leach out into the soil water or to emit nitrous oxide into the atmosphere through denitrification.”

        Essentially, eNtrench works by inhibiting the activity of microorganisms in the soil. This means that the amount of soil, and not fertilizer, is the influencing factor when determining how much eNtrench to mix with urea.

        ANVOL, on the other hand, is applied on a per fertilizer unit basis because it works by inhibiting urea hydrolysis, which is a chemical process that converts urea into ammonia gas. This means that more ANVOL is required when more UAN is applied.

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